Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Latest AiH Artwork Acquisitions

Our charity is very fortunate to own artwork by many of the most exciting artists working in the country today. The last few months have been exceptionally fantastic with new work coming into our 1,400 strong Collection by artists including Alan McGowan, Kittie Jones, Henry Kondracki, Iain Robertson, Caroline McNairn, and Jennifer MacRae, to name just a few! 

We thought we'd take this opportunity to post images of new work by some of these talented artist.

Click on any of the images below to find out more about the artwork, the artist, their artistic processes and inspirations.

Anna on Blue by Alan McGowan

Insignia for the Little White Horse by Alan Davie
Treecreeper by Kittie Jones

Untitled by Therese Kane

Rites of Passage by Caroline McNairn

North East Safari by Ade Adesina

Makin' Whoopee by Iain Robertson
Atlantic Wave III by Audrey Grant
Transition 2 by Jo Edwardson

Island Chaffinches by Kittie Jones
Mirage by Ade Adesina

The Tangled Lattice of Fire Escapes by John Colles

Transition 1 by Jo Edwardson

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