Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Thrill of it All

We were delighted to see many of our members at Ingleby Gallery on Tuesday 16 March for another stimulating HEART Event. Thank you all for coming!

The exhibition of Peter Liversidge's latest work at Ingleby Gallery was well worth the visit and made even better by the opportunity to view the exhibition in a group and discuss the artwork afterwards.

David Mackay, who works at Ingleby Gallery, gave us an excellent introduction to the exhibition and shed a great deal of light on Liversidge's artistic process, which is quite unique. We were then free to explore the artwork displayed throughout the gallery, which we had all to ourselves, before reconvening to ask David lots of questions and have a good chat about the exhibition.

The breadth of Liversidge's creative practice is striking, as is his limitless imaginition. Reading through the framed proposals, which are arranged in a single line at eye level in the downstairs gallery, we spotted some highly amusing ideas, as well as some very simple, personal and moving suggestions. David also treated us to some hilarious anecdotes relating to the realisation of certain proposals. I don't think any of us will be asking Peter Liversidge to cook us a fish pie in a hurry!

The HEART Event at Ingleby Gallery provided a fascinating insight into all of the stages of Liversidge's creative process and I can safely say that we all left the gallery with big smiles on our faces, having been touched and tickled by Peter Liversidge's work.

Thank you very much to David Mackay and everyone else at Ingleby Gallery for hosting this event and allowing us to stay after closing time!

AiH x

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Tynepark Resource Centre

An exciting project has been underway at the Tynepark Resource Centre over the last three months. Art in Healthcare has donated nineteen artworks from the permanent collection for no charge to this resource centre dedicated to mental health for a period of one year. This effort was undertaken by Art in Healthcare to further the aims of the Scottish government in reaching a healthier and happier Scotland, particularly regarding mental health.

The goal is to get patients, staff members and visitors to engage with the artwork in the centre to improve the experience of those who find themselves in healthcare centres on a regular basis. To encourage interaction between art and viewers, Art in Healthcare asked ten people to help select a variety of paintings, prints, and other works to display at Tynepark. Since staff members and patients got to choose what artworks were selected, they showed greater interest in and appreciation for the art.

An informal art talk was presented by an intern with Art in Healthcare as well as Trevor Jones, the assistant director, in order to provide as much information as possible to the patrons to help them find different ways to connect with the art. Overall, this project has been a huge success! The feedback from staff, patients, and visitors has been very positive, and Art in Healthcare hopes these results will impact other healthcare centres throughout Scotland as they see the benefits of displaying artwork in a healing environment.

The images below are a sampling of the works selected by a group of staff members and patients from Tynepark Resource Centre:

Sara Beevers, Sopwith Camel
K. Hayes, The Lighthouse

Gill Tyson, Doubtful Spring


Carol Robertson, November the 5th

Michael Forbes, What's For Tea?

Expanding the Collection

Thanks to a generous donation from the Marjorie Ina Campbell Estate, Art in Healthcare has expanded its permanent collection with sixteen works from this respected Scottish artist.

Campbell (1936-1999) was a prolific artist with experience as a painter, illustrator, graphic designer, quilter, printer and glass designer. She began drawing and painting when she was a young girl and later studied under Sir William George Gillies at Edinburgh College of Art. If you or anyone you know is interested in displaying these beautiful works, contact Art in Healthcare at admin@artinhealth.org.

Enjoy a sneak peak!

Feel free to contact Art in Healthcare with any queries about these and other artworks by Marjorie Campbell.

Project with Edinburgh World Heritage and St. Crispin's School

We're very excited to be asked by Edinburgh World Heritage to work with them on a project to reach out to the young in Edinburgh. As part of World Heritage Day that EWH is organising in April, we will be bringing some beautiful pictures of Edinburgh from our collection next week to St Crispin's School. Using these pictures and a couple of prints by Scottish artist Jane Hyslop, several students will create works of art that show what Edinburgh means to them. The works will then be mounted and exhibited at a venue in Central Edinburgh, in conjunction with World Heritage Day. That's from April 15 to 22, so mark your calendars and watch this space! It's going to be fantastic.

St Crispin's School is a special school that provides education to primary and secondary-age children, and meets the additional needs of pupils with more severe, complex learning difficulties, according to its Web site. We visited the school last week to observe their learning, and are so moved by the dedication and patience shown by its teachers and helpers in making a difference in the children's lives. And they love art!

Similarly, EWH aims to make a positive impact on these children's lives by inspiring them to think about their environment and the city's architecture creatively. This is a pilot project for EWH to reach out to the young and other groups that have traditionally not been audiences of heritage. EWH's mandate is to build awareness of the city's World Heritage Site - consisting the Old Town and the New Town - by promoting enjoyment, understanding and appreciation of its value and significance, it says on its Web site.

This collaboration, we believe, will yield pretty great results. We'll be writing again after the event next week to show exactly what came out of it, so please do come back!

Have a great week ahead!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

HEART Events - Tuesday 16 March

Thank you to everyone who attended the HEART Event on Wednesday 24 February! It was a great success and we were all delighted to have the opportunity to hear Mark Eischeid talking about his artwork.

The next HEART Event will take place next Tuesday at Ingleby Gallery. David Mackay from the gallery will give a tour of the current exhibition of Peter Liversidge's work, entitled 'The Thrill of it All'.

Peter Liversidge is an artist whose imagination knows no bounds, so prepare to be tickled and surprised! His exhibitions always begin as a set of proposals – ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous – which are written on his old typewriter and then sent to the gallery. The 'Thrill of it All' features his suggestions for Ingleby Gallery, as well as the realisation of a selection of them.

As always, this HEART Event will be followed by drinks and discussion at a nearby bar.
  • 5-6pm
  • Tuesday 16 March
  • Ingleby Gallery, 15 Calton Road, Edinburgh, EH8 8DL
Put it in your diary!

AiH x