Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Tynepark Resource Centre

An exciting project has been underway at the Tynepark Resource Centre over the last three months. Art in Healthcare has donated nineteen artworks from the permanent collection for no charge to this resource centre dedicated to mental health for a period of one year. This effort was undertaken by Art in Healthcare to further the aims of the Scottish government in reaching a healthier and happier Scotland, particularly regarding mental health.

The goal is to get patients, staff members and visitors to engage with the artwork in the centre to improve the experience of those who find themselves in healthcare centres on a regular basis. To encourage interaction between art and viewers, Art in Healthcare asked ten people to help select a variety of paintings, prints, and other works to display at Tynepark. Since staff members and patients got to choose what artworks were selected, they showed greater interest in and appreciation for the art.

An informal art talk was presented by an intern with Art in Healthcare as well as Trevor Jones, the assistant director, in order to provide as much information as possible to the patrons to help them find different ways to connect with the art. Overall, this project has been a huge success! The feedback from staff, patients, and visitors has been very positive, and Art in Healthcare hopes these results will impact other healthcare centres throughout Scotland as they see the benefits of displaying artwork in a healing environment.

The images below are a sampling of the works selected by a group of staff members and patients from Tynepark Resource Centre:

Sara Beevers, Sopwith Camel
K. Hayes, The Lighthouse

Gill Tyson, Doubtful Spring


Carol Robertson, November the 5th

Michael Forbes, What's For Tea?

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