Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Thrill of it All

We were delighted to see many of our members at Ingleby Gallery on Tuesday 16 March for another stimulating HEART Event. Thank you all for coming!

The exhibition of Peter Liversidge's latest work at Ingleby Gallery was well worth the visit and made even better by the opportunity to view the exhibition in a group and discuss the artwork afterwards.

David Mackay, who works at Ingleby Gallery, gave us an excellent introduction to the exhibition and shed a great deal of light on Liversidge's artistic process, which is quite unique. We were then free to explore the artwork displayed throughout the gallery, which we had all to ourselves, before reconvening to ask David lots of questions and have a good chat about the exhibition.

The breadth of Liversidge's creative practice is striking, as is his limitless imaginition. Reading through the framed proposals, which are arranged in a single line at eye level in the downstairs gallery, we spotted some highly amusing ideas, as well as some very simple, personal and moving suggestions. David also treated us to some hilarious anecdotes relating to the realisation of certain proposals. I don't think any of us will be asking Peter Liversidge to cook us a fish pie in a hurry!

The HEART Event at Ingleby Gallery provided a fascinating insight into all of the stages of Liversidge's creative process and I can safely say that we all left the gallery with big smiles on our faces, having been touched and tickled by Peter Liversidge's work.

Thank you very much to David Mackay and everyone else at Ingleby Gallery for hosting this event and allowing us to stay after closing time!

AiH x

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