Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Flowers For Frida by John C Brown

Flowers of Frida,
2010, screenprint, 77x56 cm

Acclaimed artist John Brown created the new Prestigious Print, Flowers For Frida, for Art in Helathcare's annual art fundraising drive. Inspired by a trip to Mexico, flowers for Frida exemplifies Brown's distinctive, colourful and expressive style. Warm hues of red, orange and yellow, reflective of the Mexican landscape and culture intermingle and balance with darker colours, while sketch of Frida Kahlo, an exceptional artistic and social figure of 20th century Mexico, sits to the right of a vase overflowing with flowers.

As seen in the Flowers for Frida, colour is an important element of his work and usually its intense use is a direct response to travel, during which he collect information by drawing translated later into paintings. His solo exhibitions, with the latest one being held in London, October 2010, are inspired by visits to various places such as Tuscany, Kerala, Zanzibar, Spain, Vietnam, Mekong Delta and Cambodia.

In Novermber 2009, in the Sense of Fate catalogue entry he writes: "my work is inspired by visits to foreign parts (mostly where the sun shines brightest)… I draw with pencil in square sketchbooks in front of the subject, trying to establish what is essential and discarding the unimportant. These drawings inform the paintings executed in my Edinburgh studio…The sense of place is all important…I search for ways in which to communicate the reason-a subject makes me stop to look-the why and the how."
More work by the artist can be viewed in his personal website.

Get a print:

Although John Brown is mainly a painter working with a mixture of acrylic paint, washes, and collage, printed by hand at Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop from 15 screens, the Flowers for Frida is an exception to his overall painting practice, therefore unique and Prestigious.

The print is available in a signed and limited edition of 75 and those purchasing it will acquire a picture by an artist of the highest quality, whose appears in various public and private collections throughout the world.
The print may be purchased for £295 and there are framing and delivery options available. For more information please contact Art in Healthcare.

The work will also appear in the Silent Auction event at the Hard Rock Cafe, Edinburgh.

John C. Brown:

Born in Scotland 1945, he trained in Drawing and Painting at the Glasgow School of Art (1963-68) and won a major travel scholarship from RSW and GSA resulting in one man show in the museum of GSA. Brown taught for 25 years while continuing to paint and exhibit in Edinburgh, London and Truro. Further detailed biographical information can be viewed in the artist's website.

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